Polyphony Project

Blue Bracken Publishing is the initiator of the Polyphony Project.

This unique creative venture is a multilingual and multidisciplinary exploration of the artistic voice.

It aims to bridge the gap between various art forms and unite their expressive media around a common theme. It is an exploration of unity in diversity, a mix of approaches which finds osmosis in the harmony of polyphony.

The origins of polyphony are to be found in music and philology. It is “the symbolisation of different vocal sounds by the same letter or character” (Oxford Dictionary) and “a texture consisting of two or more simultaneous lines of independent melody” (Wikipedia).

As such, the Polyphony Project functions on the basis of a collaborative creative process between several artists and disciplines.

All voices in the polyphony project work at their own craft and in harmony to produce a multidisciplinary art work which will be exhibited in The Hague in The Netherlands (date and venue to be specified).

The Theme of the Polyphony:
As you walk in the city, the voices of strangers mix, are heard or not, offer harmony or discord, intrude upon your thoughts or raise your interest and you eavesdrop. You lend an ear consciously or unconsciously.
Yet, do you hear or wish to hear or even notice the silent voices of the statues which adorn the city. Do they draw your attention or raise your curiosity? Do you walk past and forget their presence? Or do you stop and ponder a while?
The artists of the Polyphony project stop and ponder and enter into a creative dialogue with the statues they encounter. They give them life in their unique ways, with their own voices in their own art forms.
Listen… watch… and ponder anew… This is the experience that we offer you in the upcoming exhibition.

Hosting the Polyphony Exhibition:
Are you interested in hosting the exhibition in your museum, gallery, organisation or company, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to make it a memorable event.

Artistic contribution:
If this project inspires you to contribute, please mail your motivation to info@bluebrackenpublishing.com.
We will be happy to consider including you and your art form or style.

Please note: in order to offer variety in the polyphony, only one artist for each type of art form and/or style will be selected and included in the entire project.

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