7 Options to…

If you appreciate the objectives and share the values of Blue Bracken Publishing, you may wish to consider supporting our initiatives in one way or another.

We would like to offer you the following options:

1- Send the link of our website to a fellow writer or acquaintance interested in writing, reading and publishing.
2- Contribute to one of our activities: Young Writers’ Award, Poetry Anthology, Short Story Anthology.
3- Form a writing and reading group in your area, company or school and invite us to give a creative writing workshop to its participants.
4- Create a Writer in Residence position in your company. You will be amazed at the free positive energy this will bring to your environment and business.
5- Sponsor a specific project: such as an anthology, a writing exhibition, a creative walk, lunch or High Tea.
6- Make a financial donation to our publishing house (we receive no subsidy). Your donation will ensure that the work of Blue Bracken Publishing can keep expanding and support the projects of writers of all ages across the board.
7- Last but not least… join our author pool and send us your work for publication. We look forward to working with you.

Be sure that your support is truly appreciated.

With many thanks and kind regards

Blue Bracken Publishing

Thank You