Creativity is a middle name for us and our authors. How about you?

As we live and breathe, we put pen to paper or digital ink to screen. Whatever the creative media, we love the infinite possibilities of language and languages. We love words in all their forms: poetry, short stories, plays, novellas, prose… The white page (and not the sky!) is the limit.

Blue Bracken Publishing has its roots in the field of multilingual literature and philosophy, within and without the international academic domein and the world of publishing. It is with pleasure that we share our experience with our present and new authors to increase the span of the creative and reading experience at many levels.

No authors without readers, all authors are compulsive readers, no readers without authors!

Think about this premise!

Why Blue Bracken Publishing? This publishing house has been founded as a platform for your creativity. So do join the fold of our authors. You are welcome.

Our symbol: the blue bracken

The bracken is a plant that exists on all continents (except Antarctica) and in all environments (except the desert). It spreads easily via spores carried on the wind. It is a well-adapted pioneer plant which disseminates itself, even in poor soil.

As such, we consider it an appropriate symbol to spread the creative word to a wide and thoughtful audience.

Why the colour blue? Blue is the traditional colour of creativity and the mind in many cultures.

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Blue Bracken Translation Agency is also at your service. Please visit its webpage on our site.

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